This Is The Podcast America Needs Right Now

Back for a third season, and better than ever.

Hi there. Did you go to Muslim ban protests, but not talk to any Muslim people?

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Do you eat halal cart once a week — but not actually know what "halal" means?

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Did you watch all of Master of None season 2 this summer, and then Facebook message your brownest friend from high school to help you process it?

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Or are you a person who is sick of dealing with all of the above behaviors, and you just need a place where you don't have to explain yourself?


Let us recommend See Something Say Something, the BuzzFeed podcast about being unapologetically Muslim in America.


This is a super cute gif version of our host, Ahmed Ali Akbar.

What can you expect from our third season?

* Fire memes

* Immigrant parents who will make you cry

* Audio postcards from Hajj

* Hip hop and punk music

* And more generally, non-reductive stories about Muslim identity!!

Too excited to wait for new episodes? You can binge on the first two seasons right now.


We also have tons of great videos on our Facebook page, including this one about the Ethiopian buna coffee ceremony.

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