14 Times Space Was Trippier Than LSD

You can spend hours just staring at this stuff...

1. This dusty gas cloud just pounding out new stars like it's no thing:

2. This legit terrifying simulation of a supermassive black hole with no qualms about guzzling up a helpless star:

3. This incoming swarm of electrons and ions just charging toward Earth like there are no helpless creatures there:

4. This hallucinatory trip toward the Horsehead Nebula:

5. This Big fucking Bang:

6. This view of a super-pleasant looking planet with a classic trick ending:

7. This collection of galaxies that makes your brain hurt if you really think about how much shit is shown in it:

8. This collection of galaxies that might as well double as a diagram of neurons firing in your already tripped-out brain:

9. This harrowing bad trip through the Moon's violent early history:

10. This creepy flight to a neutron star that might as well just be the eye of the devil:

11. This simple but hypnotic view of all the Moon's phases:

12. This cool-as-fuck and 100% heavenly nebula:

13. These planets just waiting to graduate from cloud-of-dust school:

14. And, of course, this goddamn cosmic roller coaster ride through the Gum 29 Nebula:

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