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22 Times Science Was Actually Straight-Up Magic

How dumb do you think I am, science?

Posted on January 17, 2016, at 11:16 a.m. ET

1. This octopus was clearly summoned by Satan himself.

Roger Hanlon / Via

Chromatophores? Sounds like something the devil might make up, frankly.

2. This basketball is inhabited by some sort of evil spirt.


The Magnus effect? Please.

3. This rock-like thing resting on a rose is obviously not real.

Noerdy / Via

Don't tell me it's some sort of collection of freeze-dried carbon nanotubes. This is clearly magic.

4. You want me to believe this is not some black magic cooked up in the mind of an evil Disney witch?

wildaboutimages / Via

A murmuration of starlings? That word doesn't even sound real...

5. Don't you dare tell me this isn't some sort of magic potion cauldron!


The fact that it is actually molten copper poured on an antifreeze solution doesn't mean it's not a magic potion, science.

6. This is LITERALLY a crystal ball. C'mon!

Devour / Via

A soap bubble in the process of freezing? You can try harder than that, science...

7. This is not science. This is clearly a magic trick.

Concordia College Science Academy / Via

Propane bubbled through a soapy solution? Nope, not buying it.

8. These are not real clouds. This is some Mad Max: Fury Road shit.

Alex Schueth / Via

Undulatus asperatus? That's no cloud type, that's a fucking Harry Potter spell.

9. What dark spell have you cast upon this sand, science?


This is what happens when you spray sand with a water-repellant chemical? Likely story.

10. A stick that burns rock? Nope nope nope!

NightHawkInLight / Via

A homemade "thermic lance" that reacts oxygen with iron? That can't be right...

11. What sorcery is this?


You might call this the Meissner effect, but it is clearly the magic effect.

12. This dong-making tube is in no way science. It is sophomoric alchemy at best.


The fact that you are calling this the "elephant's toothpaste reaction" does not help your case, science.

13. There is no way that this massive explosion was caused by a simple bottle of water. No way.

Gregory Kroll / Via

Water expands like 600 times in an instant when it meets molten steel? Likely story...

14. OK. Now you are straight-up fucking with us, science.

Discovery Channel / Via

This is what happens when you shoot a soccer ball from a cannon at exactly the same speed (but opposite direction) of the truck in which the cannon was placed. Allegedly.

15. This is the work of pure evil, not science.


Magnetic putty? Please.

16. This is cool. But it is clearly magic.

Cloudylabs / Via

Unless you are a science truther and want to believe that those lines are caused by thorite's radioactive decay in a cloud chamber...

17. No animal can be this skilled at anything without the help of some light magic.

National Geographic / Via

Spitting spider? More like spoooooky spider!

18. This is a levitating box of foil. This is demonstrably magic.

pbh2 / Via

Don't blame this on sulphur hexaflouride being denser than air, science. Don't you fucking do it.

19. This video is playing in reverse, right? No? Sorcery, I say!

SpaceX / Via

Reusable rockets? Clearly magic.

20. Not buying this one either.


Supercooled water freezing on contact with ice is a cop-out, science.

21. These ping-pong balls are clearly possessed.

CollectemCards / Via

This cannot be the work of liquid nitrogen alone.

22. And finally.... This. This is clearly not a real thing.


Don't even bother, science. I have no interest in hearing about water's dipolar properties...

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