Scott Kelly Landing On Earth Will Give You Astronaut Goals

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly made a safe return to Earth after spending a record-setting 340 days in space. He seemed entirely unfazed by the whole experience.

Look at this pleasant little Soyuz capsule. It contains NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov returning from the International Space Station.

For 53 minutes, these three men fell from space in a sometimes blazing fireball that, for a brief time, experienced over 4 Gs of force as it crashed into the atmosphere at unthinkably fast speeds.

After 340 days without gravity and a harrowing descent, here's where they landed — legit in the middle-of-nowhere Kazakhstan.

Here they are #justchillin as they wait for a search-and-recovery team to pull them out into the crisp, cold air of the Kazakh steppe.

Since they haven't experienced gravity in a while, the recovery team has to build a little slide around the capsule for the astronauts to get out and onto the ground.

Look at that triumphant national treasure as he takes his first breath of fresh air in 340 days.

This man was in space AN HOUR EARLIER!

Here he is just chatting on the phone as if he wasn't surrounded by media, governmental officials, and the charred remains of a freshly used space capsule.

"What's the big deal?" — Commander Kelly, probably.

Might as well throw that customary "just-fell-from-space-and-landed-in-Kazakhstan peace sign" at this point..

Here he is landing at an airport only a couple of hours after being reintroduced to gravity being all "I got this shit" as he walks off a helicopter on his own.


Congrats to Scott Kelly, Mikhail Kornienko, and Sergey Volkov. Welcome home!

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