14 Myths About Sex That Need To Be Debunked Immediately

When it comes to orgasms — redheads actually have the most fun.

This is Helen Fisher, the chief science adviser for Match.com and an anthropologist who specializes in ~love~.

1. Myth: Singles judge a potential partner first by their body.

2. Myth: Women are turned on by sexy photos of a partner.

3. Myth: Singles keep sexy texts they receive to themselves.

4. Myth: Men aren’t interested in promiscuous women.

5. Myth: Singles have a lot of one-night stands.

6. Myth: The biggest sexual turn-on is being attractive.

7. Myth: Men want to have sex every day.

8. Myth: Blondes have more fun…in bed.

9. Myth: The younger you are, the more sex you’re having.

10. Myth: Only women fake orgasms.

11. Myth: Single men are players.

12. Myth: Single men just want to please themselves in bed.

13. Myth: Single men only want to date younger women.

14. Myth: Far more men than women are interested in finding an attractive partner.