17 Food Questions You Didn't Know You Needed An Answer To

"BuzzFeed Science still considers eggs to be un-un-boilable at this moment."

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to ask us their most pressing questions about food. BuzzFeed Science answers our favorites here:

1. "What makes food spicy?" —pippoppopcorn

2. "Why does cilantro sometimes taste like soap depending on the ethnicity of your ancestors?" —tracyw41ee2db9f

3. "Why does fish smell so strongly?" —quincygrovee

4. "Why do taste buds seem to change over time? In other words, why do people grow out of hating a certain food [and into] loving it?" —kad93

5. "Why does an egg become solid if you cook it?" —snowflakes

6. "Can you un-boil an egg?" —pippoppopcorn

7. "How do they make seedless grapes?" —HomestuckFangirl

8. "Who were the first people to actually try [cheese]?" —stephaniew4ffda3d9f

9. "Why do beans make you fart?" —EMILYDORJ

10. "Why does asparagus make your pee smell weird?" —sarahk47a9d6456

11. "Why do we sometimes have brain freezes and sometimes we don’t?" —tisclaire

12. "Why does alcohol affect your brain functioning?" —Bethany Woll

13. "How does blue cheese trigger headaches?" —Gabrielle Houck

14. "Why is it bad to mix alcohol?" —emoz3

15. "Does it really matter if sugar comes from an apple or a Snickers? Does it react the same in the body?" —Carly Gintz

16. "Why do we crave carbs when we're sad but also all the time?" —BuzzFeed Food Instagram

17. "Why does food that’s unhealthy taste better than healthy food?" —hannahs48f3cc167

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