13 Everyday Activities More Likely To Kill You Than A Shark

Time to stop hating on sharks and start hating on the horrors of everyday life.

With the 2015 installment of Shark Week upon us, let's try to keep some perspective...

Sharks kill around two people in the United States per year.

Here are some things that kill a lot more people in the U.S. than that, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

1. Bumping into somebody

2. Chilling in bed

3. Eating

4. Climbing a tree

5. Taking a bath

6. Crossing paths with a mean dog

7. Getting sloshed

8. Walking literally anywhere

9. Climbing a ladder

10. Mowing the lawn

11. Crossing train tracks

12. Riding the bus

13. Getting struck by lightning

But don't worry, these freak accidents are still extremely rare! Shark deaths are just even MORE rare...