Friendly Reminder That Earth Is Scary AF

Nature is, and always will be, stronger than you are.

1. Gravity is always making shit fall.

2. And gravity will roll enormous boulders through your house.

3. Volcanic holes of molten rock are a real, non-CGI thing:

4. Sometimes, that molten rock can literally flow into the backyard of your Hawaiian vacay rental.

5. Earth's volcanoes also shoot toxic, lightning-fueling ash into the sky.

6. I mean...look at that...

7. Many of these eruptions are so big they can be seen from space.

8. Speaking of space... Look at this picture of a GARGANTUAN hurricane astronaut Scott Kelly snapped from space:

9. Earth's ground isn't even that solid. It can shake so hard that it makes skyscrapers sway.

10. That shaking ground can also create one of the most terrifying natural phenomena of all — tsunamis.

11. They are terrifying to see from a helicopter, but it's even worse to see from a car's dashcam:

12. It's not just water that can flow with great power. Check out this forest-destroying mudslide:

13. And you know what else destroys shit? Avalanches.

14. Earth also throws some regular lightning our way, too.

15. Also, sometimes asteroids just fall out of the sky.

But hey. Earth also supports all of us in a way that no other known planet could!

And it gives us baller scenes like this, too:

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