Can You Make It Through These Nature GIFs Without Vomiting?

Sometimes Mother Nature can be a one-way ticket to vomtown.

Here are some gnarly snapshots of nature almost certainly guaranteed to make you vomit. Which one will you succumb to?

1. This bobbit worm:

2. This molting scorpion:

3. This decidedly predatory flatworm attacking an adorable snail:

4. This katydid nommin' on a cricket:

5. And this feasting comb jelly:

6. This tongue-eating parasite fuck:

7. This unholy sling-jaw wrasse:

8. This egg-snatching snake:

9. This goddamn ribbon worm and its ejaculatory-looking web of terror:

10. This hairy pubic mess of daddy long-legs:

11. This crafty ogre-faced spider:

12. This mouthful of baby jawfish inside an adult jawfish:

13. This army of ants just DEVOURING a dead gecko:

14. This egg-laying snail:

15. This aggressively slurpy leech eating a worm:

16. And this horribly un-cute carnivorous caterpillar just wrecking a fruit fly:

17. The fact that an octopus is capable of this mayhem:

18. Or this equally fucked-up crab attack:

19. This kangaroo-vomiting python:

20. This intestine-shooting sea cucumber:

21. And this molting giant centipede:

22. And finally the fact that It eats its own exoskeleton after it molts:

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