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Can You Make It Through These Nature GIFs Without Vomiting?

Sometimes Mother Nature can be a one-way ticket to vomtown.

Posted on January 20, 2016, at 2:50 p.m. ET

Here are some gnarly snapshots of nature almost certainly guaranteed to make you vomit. Which one will you succumb to?

1. This bobbit worm:

igorgl / Via

Nature allowed this monster to happen. It's a living spring-loaded trap and fish-killer masquerading as a worm. Fuck you, nature.

2. This molting scorpion:

scolopede / Via

Scorpions periodically shed their exoskeleton so they can grow. But surely there is a better way, nature?

3. This decidedly predatory flatworm attacking an adorable snail:

Cham TY / Via

These gnarly dudes are land planarians, a group of flatworms. They capture their prey using adhesive mucus, poisonous secretions, and a glorified death hug as they leak their acidic digestive fluid over their prey. This happened on your watch, nature.

4. This katydid nommin' on a cricket:

Wtayjay / Via

Not all katydids are predators, but this one sure as hell is. This is some sadistic Cookie Monster shit, nature.

5. And this feasting comb jelly:

HipHopAnonymous23 / Via

People call these creatures "aliens of the sea." Surely this indicates some failing on your part, nature...

6. This tongue-eating parasite fuck:

Richy_T / Via

This parasite severs a fishes tongue before BECOMING the fish's new, more greedy tongue. What hellish side of the bed did nature wake up on when this idea was approved?

7. This unholy sling-jaw wrasse:

Wainwright Lab / Via

The mouth of this species of fish unfolds into a suction tube that can reach half the length of its body and pull in its prey with great ease. Innovative thinking, nature, but we can't unsee this!

8. This egg-snatching snake:

Meunderwears / Via

There are six species of snakes known to nom on eggs. That is six too many, nature.

9. This goddamn ribbon worm and its ejaculatory-looking web of terror:

Animal Wire / Via

That white stuff is actually a proboscis used to capture prey. Why, nature, why?

10. This hairy pubic mess of daddy long-legs:

paglo / Via

Apparently a daddy long legs' bodies aren't great at keeping warm or retaining moisture, so they ball up into this gnarly looking bunch. The pubic hairs would have been bad enough, nature.

11. This crafty ogre-faced spider:

Peewee319 / Via

This fucking thing sneaks up on its prey in the night and throws a fucking NET over its prey. How are we supposed to sleep now, nature?

12. This mouthful of baby jawfish inside an adult jawfish:

Eunjae Im / Via

This jawfish is called a mouthbrooder. The fertilized eggs are actually incubated in its mouth. This would kinda be cute, nature, if it wasn't so fucking weird.

13. This army of ants just DEVOURING a dead gecko:

JaGe090879 / Via

It took only a day and a half for these ants to strip this gecko bare. Recycling is good. Nightmares are bad. Keep this in mind for your future endeavors, nature...

14. This egg-laying snail:

RossD123 / Via

All land snails are hermaphrodites, so they all have the potential to lay eggs. C'mon nature: With that much egg laying going on, perhaps a bit more work on the presentation could help?

15. This aggressively slurpy leech eating a worm:

BBC / Via

This freaking thing blindly sucks around the outside of its prey until it finds an end. Then it sucks it the fuck down. Fuck you for making me see this, nature.

16. And this horribly un-cute carnivorous caterpillar just wrecking a fruit fly:

NatGeoWild / Via

This thing pretends to be a leaf. Nobody ever suspects a leaf. Except for the sadistic entity that is nature, obvs.

17. The fact that an octopus is capable of this mayhem:

Porsche Indrisie / Via

Shallow water octopuses like this one are all carnivores. They envelop the prey and inject a deadly neurotoxin into their system before pulling them back into their watery home. Is nothing sacred, nature?

18. Or this equally fucked-up crab attack:

Rubens Monaco / Via

A manta ray can eat up to 13% of its own body weight a week. What are you compensating for, nature?

19. This kangaroo-vomiting python:

aga2btube / Via

Snakes can eat all kinda of seemingly too large animals. The least you could do, nature, is not have it vomit that shit back out.

20. This intestine-shooting sea cucumber:

NatGeoWild / Via

Sea cucumbers shoot 8 to 30 feet of tubbing from their own guts to catch prey. The opening also looks kinda buttish... Uncool, nature.

21. And this molting giant centipede:

National Geographic / Via

After its done molting, it can dine on bats and frogs and snakes that are bigger than it. Look at it slithering out there... It can't get worse than that, right?

22. And finally the fact that It eats its own exoskeleton after it molts:

National Geographic / Via

It got worse! It got so much worse!

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