11 Scientific Predictions About The Future That Are Seriously Crazy

The future is terrifying, but also kind of cool?

1. Having a humanity-wide party as Earth is narrowly missed by a huge asteroid.

2. Watching Mars develop some Saturn-esque rings.

3. Saying "peace" to Saturn's rings.

4. Being able to low-key creep your way through an archive of ALL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE.

5. Traveling to an irresponsibly extravagant work conference on a brand-new Hawaiian Island.

6. Grabbing some boss oceanfront realty in what was once Africa's Rift Valley.

7. Actually having longer days to get your shit done.

8. Having all of humanity live on one single, massive, badass continent called Pangea Ultima!

9. Seeing Mercury get flung from the Solar System as it narrowly misses Venus.

10. Hiking some Himalayan-style Mountains where the Mediterranean Sea used to be.

11. Being around as the Andromeda Galaxy slowly but inevitably collides with our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Now we play the waiting game...

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