These Twins Prove That Being An Astronaut Doesn’t Stop A Sibling Rivalry

They may be astronauts, but they are also siblings.

Here are Mark and Scott Kelly. Scott is an astronaut currently spending a year in space. Mark is a former astronaut here on Earth. They are twins.

In rare instances, their Twitter accounts are proof that neither is above some gentle smack talk between brothers, even when one of them is in space:

1. There was that time that Scott was reminded of brotherly "punch-ups" from their youth by a promotional poster:

2. And there was a time when Mark expressed sympathy for the astronauts joining Scott on the International Space Station:

3. Or that time that Mark kindly reminded Scott that his coffee contained recycled urine:

4. Once, Scott used his high vantage point to give Mark a hard time about his loss to Aaron Rodgers on Celebrity Jeopardy:

5. But Mark has been quick to remind Scott of the joys of being on safely on land:

6. Backhanded compliments are a must when dealing with astronaut brothers:

7. In fact, Mark has repeatedly expressed mild concern over Scott's ability to not break things:

8. And there was that time when Scott was unimpressed with Mark's blood-drawing struggles:

9. They may be twins, but according to Scott, sympathy pains are not a given:

10. Despite all the gentle ribbing, though, they both know where they stand with each other:

Typical brothers. Minus the astronaut part...