Why You’re Seeing Tweets From People You Don’t Follow In Your Timeline

Lots of Twitter users have been reporting that mystery tweets are appearing in their timelines.

A Twitter bug is baffling some of the social media platform's users Wednesday by inserting tweets in their timelines from people they don't follow.

The inserted tweets, which are being placed into timelines without any initial explanation from Twitter, set off a chorus from users asking, well, what the hell is happening?

In short: Twitter previously put tweets from people you don’t follow in a box called "you might like” or with a label that somebody you follow liked the tweet. Twitter has since moved to using the label format only, and in this case the label was missing.

Hey @Support, why am I seeing tweets from people I don't follow in my feed, that too breaking chronology

Fuck offfff twitter filling my timeline with turds I don't even follow

There are a ton of tweets on my timeline from people I don't follow? And not just under "posts you may like"...I'm confused. Anyone else?

Reached for comment, a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News, "This is a bug and we're working on a fix."


Twitter tells BuzzFeed News it's fixed the bug.

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