Now You Can View Tweets By Topic, Without Having To Make A List

The algorithms show you tweets by topic, based on your interests.

Now you can view tweets sorted by topic, without having to follow anyone, right in Twitter's Explore tab.

The social platform released the new feature globally on iOS and Android Tuesday, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Twitter's algorithms will show you these topics based on what they know about your interests. Eventually, the platform will give users more control over what they see, the spokesperson said. The company will roll out controls that allow people to tell it they don't like a topic, which will inform Twitter's decisions on what to show them.

The feature is one Twitter users have long requested. Importantly, it will give new and casual users a way to gain value from the platform without having to build a list of people to follow, a task that can be burdensome to those trying the platform out.

Figuring out how to retain new and casual users has been one of Twitter's most difficult challenges. Nearly 1 billion people have tried and left the platform, according to a post early investor Chris Sacca published in 2015, and Twitter failed to increase its number of monthly active users in the second quarter of 2017, disappointing investors.

Here's what the new tweets sorted by category look like:

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