The Most #Headdesk Brand Tweets From Election Day 2016

They just can't help themselves, can they?

Election Day is not the Super Bowl. But brands across the US are treating it similarly, looking to insert themselves into the conversation on Twitter as the country votes.

For brands, it's a fine like to walk. Effective messages can't make light of the day given its importance, but they also must be somewhat fun. And when brands are asked to walk a fine line, many fall flat on their face. So that's exactly what happened today.

Drumroll please. Here are the 2016 election's most headdesk brand tweets:

Seamless Goes With "I Ordered" Instead of "I Voted"

You may not be able to share your ballot, but you can share your delivery order! #ElectionDay

The Dictionary Signals Doom

We've updated our Twitter header in honor of the election.

Crocs Invents the "Comfort Party"

Dell Uses Mount Rushmore in a Laptop Promo

Choose your candidate. Pick Inspiron 15" Series Laptops or 2-in-1 up to 30% off with code apps30I15L21. Ends 11/08…

Izod Enters the Bone Zone

Share your voice this election. Make a statement with #MyVote2016 and Ken Bone in a red sweater.

Burrito of the United States?

The Ol' Arby's Write-In

@Travisonair We vote Arby's!

Royal Jordanian's Special Deal

Finding Common Ground... Thanks to Delta

Red or blue states. We take you to them all. #Election2016

This brand may have the right idea:

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