Snoop Dogg On His Bid For Twitter CEO And Why He Got Into Tech (The Money)

I'm the CEO of Snoop Dogg, says Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg is making the rounds at New York's Advertising Week this week, promoting "Coach Snoop," the forthcoming online video series he's creating in conjunction with AOL.

As Snoop took a break between announcing the show onstage at AOL's Future Front event, and performing at the event, he spoke with us on his bus outside the venue.

The interview, broadcast live on Periscope and embedded above, covered Snoop's interest in the CEO seat at Twitter and his attraction to tech (he has invested in multiple companies), and featured a freestyle rap that you can see in the tweet below.

Snoop was refreshingly straightforward in response to a number of questions. Especially one asking what drew him to tech. The answer: "Money."

Impressive @SnoopDogg on-the-spot freestyle during our Periscope interview:

Snoop's response: