Scenes From A Thrilling Afternoon On Amazon's New Social Network, Spark

Look out, Instagram. Amazon's copycat is coming for you.'ll probably be fine.

On Tuesday, Amazon introduced a new social network called Spark.

Spark is an Instagram competitor, with a commerce-y twist!

Amazon says Spark "makes it easy to discover—and shop—stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like." The idea is to make it easier to move from talking about products in a social feed, to buying them.

We here at BuzzFeed News are always interested in what's hot and new in the social space, so we took Spark for a spin yesterday.

Inside Spark, we found lots of great stuff. There were some wonderful fashion tips:

Along with stunning home appliance photography:

Look at this pan. Wow.

Spark also has polls to help you make tricky purchase decisions. Check out this jaw-dropping functionality:

The social network is filled with thought-provoking questions.

Like Instagram, Spark even has its own influencers. Meet Diego L.

Looking good, Diego L.

As Diego L. demonstrates, Spark has a good amount of sponsored content, like any top-tier social network.

People discover amazing things when brands pay them to do it. And now you can be part of that discovery.

Here's a picture of a chair on Spark.

And here's a picture of a fan.

Here's a picture of a coffee mug on a boat on Spark.

And some shoeboxes.

There are some genuinely good pictures on Spark. Like this dog in a kitchen.

And this travel photo that is nice but doesn't really fit in.

Hey, Jeff Bezos, I really like your new social network. Did I mention you look ripped lately? Please don't hurt me.

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