Here's How Bad Things Got For Vine

Twitter killed Vine because people stopped using it.

When Twitter announced this morning that it was killing Vine, a former Twitter executive told BuzzFeed News that usage was a major problem. "Obviously usage hasn’t been spectacular," the executive said. "And so much of the team has jumped ship.”

The usage slip was dramatic, as made clear by the the following chart from research firm 7Park Data. In August 2014, 3.64% of the 2 million plus Android users who 7Park monitors used Vine every month. Today, only 0.66% of that panel uses it every month. And now that Twitter’s killed Vine, the number will soon be a flat 0.00%.

Byrne Hobart, an analyst at 7Park Data, pointed to YouTube as a culprit for Vine's demise: "As YouTube made aggressive overtures to popular Vine users, Vine lost momentum and usage."

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