Kids Are Trying To Get Out Of School By Pranking A News Station On Social Media

WTVC NewsChannel 9 will not be pushed around.

Social media–savvy kids are annoying the crap out of Chattanooga ABC-affiliate WTVC NewsChannel 9, going as far as to impersonate a school official in an attempt to get the station to falsely report school closings.

But, as these kids are learning, you can only push WTVC NewsChannel 9 so far. WTVC NewsChannel 9 won't take your shit. It will strike back, and do so with a vengeance.

Take, for instance, the Twitter direct message above, provided to BuzzFeed News by WTVC NewsChannel 9 web director Dan Lehr. In the exchange, a student tried using a DM to get the station to "inform students of no school tomorrow."

WTVC NewsChannel 9 promptly destroyed the troublemaker:

Also, kids? Don't DM us pretending you are some school official cancelling school. Closings don't work like that. & we're not that dumb.

Missing: child.

Last seen: right before getting owned by WTVC NewsChannel 9.

Kids are also taunting the station on Facebook, asking if their schools are closed. WTVC NewsChannel 9 is pissed at the insinuation that it would withhold such information from the public.

Hey, kids? Y'all are writing us privately on FB as if we wouldn't report it if Hamilton Co schools closed. We promise: we will if it happens

Really pissed.

When a kid asks "do we have school tomorrow" like they think we already know what school they go to

But of course, in the end, the kids win anyway.

JUST IN: Hamilton County Schools are closed Thursday.

Take that, WTVC NewsChannel 9.