People Can’t Stop Vomiting On The Next Brazilian President’s Facebook Page

He's likely going to be president soon and it seems some people can't...stomach it.

It all began when the Facebook profile page of the Brazilian Democratic Political Movement (PDMB), a former ally of the ruling party but now in opposition posted this picture.

"Brazil is about to be united," read the picture, along with a picture of Vice President Michael Temer.

Background: Temer is set to become the next president of Brazil, as the Brazilian Senate is currently debating whether to impeach current president Dilma Rousseff over corruption charges.

Some, as you might imagine, some people didn't like that the PDMB seemed to be gloating and filled up the comment section with tens of thousands of these adorable little faces:

The post has more than 80,000 comments and many of them are nothing more than this guy barfing.

Clearly a viral hit, the "vomit attack" has also invaded the posts uploaded on Temer's profile.

Now, virtual vomiting can be found in practically every post.

On Facebook, there is already a small community called Vomit Attack, whose goal is to direct other unpleasant bodily functions at politicians.

We've heard that politics is sickening, but this is ridiculous.

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