We Tried Eating With The McDonald's Frork And It Was Actually Pretty Effective

We paid $20 for a Frork. Was it worth the money?

On May 5, McDonald's released its "Frork," a fork made especially for fries. It looks ridiculous AF.

The McDonald's video alone has almost 2 million views. Wut.

So we figured we'd give it a try. You know, see if it's worth all the bother.

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We went to the locations listed online to get ahold of one. However, we were told either "We're not carrying it" or "We don't know what you're talking about."

However, one employee told us he had a ~personal~ one his manager had given him. So, we offered to buy it for $20.

He accepted the deal!

Time to set up some fries and give it to a few BuzzFeed staff to "try" out.

The response was...mixed.

Definitely mixed.

"Since I have it, I don't hate it."

"I would never subject my friends to this."

Finally we got the thoughts of BuzzFeed News business editor Tom Gara.

"I have to give them credit. It's like a very stupid thing I would never have thought of," he said. "You don't measure by how many people buy it, or use it, or sales or anything like that. You measure it by likes and shares and how many headlines it generates."

What do you think? $20 — worth it?

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