Everyone's Making The Same "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Joke About The Eclipse

The Fire Nation best get ready.

The solar eclipse is rapidly approaching, and while many people are scrambling to get their last-minute glasses...

...it's making some people think about Avatar: The Last Airbender.

In the Nickelodeon series, the Day of the Black Sun is a total eclipse that temporarily renders the villains — the Fire Nation's firebenders — powerless. So, the show's protagonists choose that day to invade the Fire Nation.

And now everyone's making the same joke about it on Twitter.

happy #eclipse everyone good luck attacking the Fire Nation while they're vulnerable!

My brother came yelling into my room. Screaming at me saying "RYAN TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY WE CAN FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE FIRE NATION!"

While everyone else is watching the eclipse I'll be launching my attack on the fire nation.

Reminder: Wait for the sun to be totally eclipsed before we move on the Fire Nation.

Fire Nation boutta eat these L's

There are even acronyms.

Anybody dtf? Down To attack the Fire nation on the day of the eclipse

And of course, GIFs.

@ThornwolfArt Everyone get ready! The fire nation is going down.

today is the day we attack the fire nation

Alright everyone. The day of the eclipse has arrived. It's time to take on the Fire Nation #SolarEclipse2017

Some even brought President Trump into the mix.

Just a quick reminder that today the fire nation is at it's weakest so lets take trump down today

But let's keep it quiet for now, k? They might hear us.

Stop tweeting about #SolarEclipse2017 if the Fire Nation gets word of it, they'll know we're coming.

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