Here Are The Definitive ABC's Of 2017

It has been a helluva year.

So, we all agree it's been a pretty terrible year, right?

However, we're finally nearing the end of 2017 and it's time to do a little reflecting.

To help us reflect, we asked patron saint of our childhoods, LeVar Burton, to read us a story.

We present to you, Another Round's ABC's of 2017 by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu.

A is for alternative facts, what adults now call lies.

B is for Beyonce, and the apples of her eye.

C is for contouring, YouTube’s big obsession.

D is for debt, which a lot of folks are left in.

E is for emoji, our modern Romance language.

F is for fidget spinner because even our kids are anxious.

G is for GIF, and yes, that’s really how you say it.

H is for our heroes, who continue to slay it.

I is for impeachment, on everybody’s minds.

J is for the juice, who’s loose another time.

K is for the KKK, who feel safe to come out of hiding.

L is for love is love is love to counter the hatred and fighting.

M is for millennials, who just can’t do anything right.

N is for “No,” a word that helps us fight the good fight.

O is for the “oh FUCK” what we say when we read the news.

P is for Putin, one of Trump’s most trusted boos.

Q is for questions, which we’ll ask until we croak.

R is for reading which is how we stay woke.

S is for sorry not sorry, the cry of the unapologetic.

T is for the trash this world becomes if we continue to let it.

U is for universal healthcare, which we shouldn’t have to move to Canada for.

V is for voting rights, you’d think it was 1964.

W is for the wonder women who punch, lasso, and kick.

X is for your ex-boyfriend, Obama, on Instagram making us sick.

Y is for you still getting up everyday & doing it again tomorrow.

Z is for the zoo this world has become -- please come back, Obama!

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