Going Outside Is A Form Of Self-Care

"I always knew what forward looked like."

It's Mental Health Week here at BuzzFeed and in the latest episode of the Another Round podcast, we celebrate how going outside can be self-care.

Sometimes, all you need is a little fresh air and sun on your skin to give you the boost you need.

Tracy's mom Velva Clayton came by to talk to us about her experience being a fisherwoman.

We also spoke to writer Rahawa Haile who hiked the Appalachian Trail all by herself. "I always knew what forward looked like," she says, in one of the many moments of brilliance of this interview.

Update: Intermission is over. I am back on the trail. Here's a belated/obligatory border crossing photo. See ya, VA.

That's over 2,000 miles!!!!

Rahawa talked to us about what it was like being one of very few women of color on the trail.

When they tell you black ppl don't hike so you climb 2000 miles of mountains bc representation matters & you are a 🌟

She had to walk almost 700 miles before reaching a county that didn't vote for President Donald Trump.

Then we were joined by Kelvin Pena a.k.a. Brother Nature a.k.a. father of the Deer Squad.

Just got drafted 💪🏽 let's get it @Bucks

We're ready for his Animal Planet show.

Kelvin befriended a herd of deer in his hometown and we asked him all about them.

Had to make sure the Deer Squad was eating swell today 🍇😂

They have names like Money, Canela, and Tay Tay.

We're officially inspired to go hiking and make a bunch of new animal friends.

So, take a walk outside if you can while listening to the episode here:

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