22 Powerful Images By Dreamers: A Window Into Life As An Undocumented Immigrant In America

Undocumented youth say the artwork is a way to tell their story and bring comfort to many others like them.

1. As the prospects for immigration reform have repeatedly risen, then floundered, dreamers -- undocumented youth brought to the U.S. as children -- have created artwork to share their stories and experiences.


3. "Just the other day I met this undocumented college freshman at an art show I had at UC Berkley, and he told me that because of my work he didn't feel alone," artist Julio Salgado told BuzzFeed.

4. "He said it was a great feeling to see himself in art."


6. Alberto Ledesma, a former professor and current faculty member at UC Berkeley, created "Diary of a Dreamer," more than 100 images that tell his story.

7. He says cartooning is his activism. "Cartooning has allowed me to convey messages that I could not get across with my academic and creative prose," he writes.

8. "Surviving while undocumented 101: Choose your disguises carefully!" he captioned this piece.

9. "Little Diego, Dreamer Boy."

10. Superman as undocumented, Lex Luthor as border patrol.

11. The dreamer's art shows Obama's mixed legacy with them.






17. Organizations like the National Day Laborer Organizing Network get involved too.


19. The artist, Salgado, also shares an important part of his identity as a gay, undocumented man.



22. Ledesma said what struck him, is that the students who made it to UC Berkeley had something in common.

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