Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos Rode A Dick Into Space And The Jokes Make Themselves At This Point

"Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos really played 'just the tip' with outer space."

Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, has finally conquered a new personal frontier by traveling to space with his Blue Origin crew, just days after fellow billionaire Richard Branson did it. No machismo about this at all.

The Amazon founder journeyed into space along with three companions on the New Shepard flight as the first group of passengers to take a ride in the vessel.

But what really captured everyone’s attention was the interesting shape of the rocket. It has inspired a lot of jokes and drawn comparisons to the 1999 Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me — and all the jokes are pretty NSFW.

Thankfully this is my job, so I’m covered. Here are some of the reactions.

Is it just me or does Jeff Bezos's ship look like a massive dildo... #Bezos #JeffBezos

Twitter: @Centrefuter

The entire internet watching Jeff Bezos fly into space.

Twitter: @McJesse

Life imitating art?

Twitter: @MotherofPups

I’m not the only person thinking of Austin Powers right now …..#JeffBezos #BlueOrigin

Twitter: @SirKinahjb

Wait did everyone else know Jeff Bezos' rocket ship looks like a giant penis

Twitter: @thejessgoodwin

Again, is Jeff trying to tell us something?

Why is Jeff Bezos going into space in a giant dildo?

Twitter: @phat_natsAFC
Twitter: @ambermruffin

Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos really played “just the tip” with outer space

Twitter: @litcapital

Bezos and company were back on Earth 10 minutes and 19 seconds later. Will Amazon Prime ever match that energy?

Jeff Bezos can get to space and back in 15 minutes but Amazon Prime can't get my guaranteed 2 day deliveries to me in less than a week??

Twitter: @KenKrantzComic

#JeffBezos is going to the edge of space Tuesday. Will the rocket bring him back home, or will it drop him at the wrong house and then say their records show he’s been delivered?

Twitter: @BetteMidler

People also made a lot of commentary on the working conditions at Amazon.

Jeff Bezos spent more time in space than Amazon allowed in bathroom breaks last year.

Twitter: @MajorPhilebrity

While Bezos was away, people had some ambitious suggestions that would most likely make working at Amazon a much more...pleasant experience.

Quick while jeff bezos is in space let's bring Amazon into public ownership and pay workers a living wage

Twitter: @FreeNorthNow

Quick, Jeff Bezos is in space, unionise Amazon.

Twitter: @DaveMilbo

quick pass a $100 billion landing from space tax

Twitter: @mitchprothero

Amazon Employees now that Jeff Bezos is in space. #BlueOrigin

Twitter: @rjdralle

Well, now that it's all over, guess it's back to work.

Jeff Bezos had this message for his Amazon team after he successfully returned from space.

Twitter: @Reflog_18

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