The 14 Biggest Surprises In The Oscar Nominations This Year

Lots of love for Phantom Thread, but not much love for The Post — and nothing for James Franco.

1. Only two nominations for The Post

2. No supporting actor nominations for Call Me by Your Name

3. No nominations for The Big Sick for Best Picture or Holly Hunter for Actress in a Supporting Role

4. Tiffany Haddish did not get an Oscar nomination for Girls Trip

5. James Franco was not nominated for best actor for The Disaster Artist, after his recent sexual misconduct accusations

6. Christopher Plummer actually got an Oscar nod for replacing Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World

7. Only one nomination for The Florida Project

8. A lot of love for Phantom Thread, including nominations for Best Picture, Directing, and Best Actress in a Supporting Role

9. Mudbound’s Rachel Morrison is the first woman ever — EVER! — nominated for best cinematography

10. Logan is the first live-action superhero movie nominated for best adapted screenplay

11. No Foreign Language Film nomination for In the Fade

12. No nomination for the wildly popular animated short In a Heartbeat

View this video on YouTube

This adorable animated short film debuted on YouTube in late July, and instantly went viral, racking up over 33.9 million views to date on the strength of its tear-inducing story of a schoolboy nursing a terrifying crush on a male classmate. It made the Academy’s shortlist for the Short Film (Animated) category, but, alas, its quietly groundbreaking story of young same-sex love apparently didn’t tug at enough heartstrings to earn a nod. At least you get to watch it right now. Go do it! —A.B.V.

13. No nominations at all for Wonder Woman

14. The Best Picture category is still too close to call


This post has been updated to reflect the most recent membership figures for the American Society of Cinematographers.

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