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Trump Awkwardly Drank Bottled Water With Two Hands On Live TV And People Lost It

"Dry mouth is indiscriminate."

President Trump held a news conference Wednesday after returning from his 12-day tour across Asia, which included South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan, and the Philippines, as well as some memorable moments (see here and here).

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Trump, like most people, was probably exhausted and jet-lagged — and apparently very dehydrated. In the midst of relaying his discussions with Japan's prime minister about trade, the president dramatically paused for a sip of water.

Joshua Roberts / Reuters

And, after opening the Fiji bottle, Trump used both hands to hold and drink the water — twice.

Now, this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but people quickly remembered how Trump had repeatedly mocked Sen. Marco Rubio for drinking water during a 2013 national address.


This was Rubio's infamous water moment:

Trump had poked at him for chugging water, suggesting he drink from a glass instead of a bottle, which "would have much less negative impact" after he paused to quench his thirst during his address.

Several years later, Trump also pulled this gem during the presidential race. 😬

Rubio, now a veteran water-drinker, quickly chimed in Wednesday with his own critique and some tips, noting that while the president needed to work on his form, it wasn't bad for his first time.


Obviously, people were here for the irony.

And the pettiness.

And noted that Trump looked like he had some trouble drinking out of the water bottle.


Others noted the difference in water-drinking strategy.

People also brought up that whole "tiny hands" thing.


This guy pointed out that "dry mouth is indiscriminate."

Still others noted that our "Make America Great Again" president was drinking water Fiji.

Basically, everyone freaked out about the president taking a sip of water because it's 2017 and this is where we're at.


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