Halle Bailey Hit Back At Accusations She “Went Out Of Her Way To Lie And Gaslight” Her Fans While Hiding Her Pregnancy

“I’ll never understand why you are mad I protected my own peace,” Halle wrote in response to a critic. “Wouldn’t you do the same?”

Halle Bailey just hit back at a critic who accused her of lying and gaslighting fans while hiding her pregnancy.

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Halle, 23, announced earlier this month that she and her boyfriend, DDG, 26, welcomed their first child together late last year after having kept her entire pregnancy a secret.

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As you might know, fans suspected that Halle was pregnant for quite some time before she announced the birth of her son. However, she largely ignored the chatter.

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In fact, the only time Halle directly addressed the speculation was in November when a fan said she had a “pregnancy nose.” (This is referring to the possible pregnancy side effect of having an enlarged nose due to swelling in different parts of the body.)

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Responding to the comment on Snapchat, Halle said, “Listen, if I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it’s gonna be hell to pay.”

A close-up of Halle smiling at a media event

She added, “And you know why? ’Cause I am Black. I love my nose. What is you concerned about my nose for? Leave me the hell alone.”

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Despite Halle’s clapback, the pregnancy speculation continued to bubble away — bringing us to Jan. 7, when she took to Instagram to share her exciting news.

“even though we’re a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me, was bring me my son..,” she wrote. “welcome to the world my halo.”

Halle and DDG on the red carpet together

Interestingly, she concluded the announcement by seemingly poking fun at the months of rife speculation about her pregnancy, writing, “the world is desperate to know you,” alongside laughing and winking emojis.

A close-up of Halle smiling at a media event in a strapless outfit

And while plenty of people have praised Halle for choosing to keep her pregnancy journey private, others have accused her of lying, with one fan recently going so far as to say that she gaslighted people while the pregnancy rumors were making the rounds online.

A close-up of Halle smiling at a media event wearing a beaded hat and sparkly halter-top outfit

“I don’t think people are mad she hid her pregnancy,” the disgruntled fan wrote on X. “People are more so annoyed that she went out of her way to lie and gaslight about it.”

Twitter: @EchoDoesRadio

Nodding toward the playful final line of Halle’s Instagram announcement, the fan alleged that Halle “shaded people and called them desperate.”

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“Now, she wants those same ‘desperate’ people to know every little detail,” they added, presumably referring to the fact that she’s decided to start sharing her motherhood journey since giving birth.

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Well, it wasn’t long before Halle stepped in to correct the record, maintaining that she was always honest with her fans.

A close-up of Halle smiling in a beaded hat at a media event

“i never lied or even said anything about it honey , making a joke about my nose was the farthest i went,” the Little Mermaid star replied directly to the fan’s post. “i’ll never understand why you are mad i protected my own peace, wouldn’t you do the same?”

Twitter: @HalleBailey

Responding to the dig about her decision to post baby Halo on social media, Halle added, “I’m gonna share my pics now if i want to because my son is here safely, if u don’t wanna see it just keep scrolling baby lol God bless you !”

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Despite the criticism, it seems the large majority of fans are in Halle’s corner, with many praising her decision to put her well-being first during her pregnancy.

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“They’re way too entitled, you had EVERY right!!!” one person replied to the exchange. “that's your baby not ours and most of us love seeing your journey regardless of when you posted it! People are so weird.”

Twitter: @___lovelani

“Folks feel too entitled to everyone else’s lives. It’s mad weird to me. Folks can hide and share whatever it is they want. It’s not really our business either way lol,” added another.

Twitter: @queeenthang

Shortly after she announced her son’s birth, Halle took to social media to answer questions about her pregnancy and whether she experienced a lot of stress while trying to keep it under wraps.

Halle onstage with her sister Chloe

“I mean, a little bit, but honestly I stayed off of all social media — I really tried to, just to keep myself sane and OK,” she said.

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She went on: “I know that there was a lot of people who would always comment and be like, ‘We know, girl, we know.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, that’s great that you know, but I’m gonna just chill.’”

Close-up of Halle smiling in a shiny strapless outfit at a media event

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