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15 Celebrities Shared The Racism They Encountered In Their Everyday Lives, And My Heart Hurts

Lucy Liu recalled encountering racism in a store when she was just 9 years old. "I was with my mother, and she was asking somebody who worked there a question. And he was very condescending and rude to my mother because she had a very strong accent. And I remember being really angry — and as a child, you don’t ever speak up — thinking, 'My mother knows how to speak two languages, and you only know how to speak one.'"

14 Famous People Who Were Parent-Shamed For The Stupidest, Strangest, And Most Ridiculous Reasons Ever

When John Legend shared a beautiful pic of his daughter in his arms, one Instagram user wrote, "So tired of seeing them carrying her. She needs no legs then." A few days later, John spoke about the dad-shaming, saying, "They see one photo, and they want to make judgments about how people live their life, and I think the best advice for all of us is let parents be parents and don't criticize based on what you see on social media."