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People Are Calling Out The Rudest Things They've Seen Wedding Guests Do, And I'm Shocked At The Audacity

"Do NOT bring children to a child-free wedding — no exceptions. Do not ask for an exception. If you can't get a sitter, don't go. Not comfortable leaving your kids with a sitter? Don't go. There are plenty of places you can't bring kids: bars, clubs, jobs, etc. No one would try to bring their kid to a nightclub, so don't bring them to a wedding."

People Who Were Stuck In Comas Are Revealing What It's Really Like, And I'm Seriously Spooked

"When I healed enough to come out of the coma, it took a week for the drugs to fade and my brain to reboot to the real world. I lost 100 pounds. I had no muscle to move or sit up, and I almost wasn't able to lift an arm. I forgot how to breathe, and I had gone into total organ failure. I needed six more surgeries and a year of therapy to learn how to do everything again."

Flight Attendants And Passengers Are Sharing The Most Entitled Things People Have Done While Traveling, And Yikes, Yikes, Yikes

"I was on a flight with really bad turbulence. It went on for about 10 minutes, and then the old lady next to me reaches up and presses her button. A flight attendant walks over to see if the woman is okay, and the woman begins to yell at the attendant for the rough flight and that she’s been flying her whole life and clearly the pilot has no idea what he’s doing. The attendant just walked away."

Divorced People Are Revealing The Red Flags On Their Wedding Day That Made Them Realize They Were Marrying The Wrong Person

"I felt nothing the day of the wedding. The night before, I didn't have butterflies, I wasn't excited, and I wasn't happy. The day of was just any other day... I remember looking down at the ring and thinking, 'This doesn't feel any different. I guess this is just what life is like now.' In retrospect, it felt like what I should do — what was expected of me — not what I wanted to do."