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Parents Revealed Their Honest Parenting Regrets That More People Should Know, And Even If You Don't Have Kids, It's A Must-Read

"I hate that I let my mom and sister have more say with my daughter than her biological dad. Now, she’s entitled to the point where it disgusts me, and I don’t like her as a person at all. I'm trying to teach her how to navigate in the real world because she will be an adult some day, but they already have her too far gone. She's 12 years old."

21 Of The Most Selfish, Rude, And Messy Things In-Laws Did At Weddings — Like, You'll Be Fuming At These People

"My in-laws complained about things that we just honestly couldn’t afford to add (e.g., more flowers, more guests, a plated dinner, etc.). They have a lot of money and never offered to help in the areas they had complaints in — not that they were obligated to do so, but it made it hard to continually hear comments about how 'trashy' our wedding looked when we had a limited budget. I carried some shame walking into my wedding day, as if it was embarrassing to them and their friends and family."