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Luxury Retail Employees Are Revealing What It's Like To Deal With The "Ultra Rich," And Oh My, It Gets Wild

"I worked in a women’s boutique in an affluent area outside of San Francisco. It was easy to distinguish the rich from the wealthy by how they treated our sales associates when the owner wasn’t around. Rich customers were some of the rudest and most insufferable people I have ever encountered while working retail. I’ve had shoe boxes thrown at me and full glasses of wine spilled on designer handbags without as much as an apology. In contrast, the truly WEALTHY were the most unassuming and appreciative."

People Who Married For Money Are Revealing What It's Like, And It's Wayyy Messier Than I Imagined

"I met my husband in a business school class. I'm 24, and he’s about 22 years older than I am. He's the heir to one of the biggest family fortunes in the state. Everything was perfect in the beginning, and I have no regrets. But I’m pretty lonely most days. It's just me, the dog, and my year-old daughter. He works all the time and travels a lot, so most of the time, it’s just me in this big house. I just want to travel and do the things women my age do. All the money in the world isn't worth it if you're basically confined to your house for days or even weeks at a time."

People Are Revealing The Adulthood "Myths" They Wish They Knew Sooner, And Wow, They Hit Hard

"You don't have to find the one right career path for you immediately after school. Don't pressure yourself to 'get it right on the first try.' Many jobs sound good in theory but turn out to be disappointing in reality for various reasons, so you have to learn through trial and error what to look out for. It's perfectly normal to change jobs a lot; don't listen to the Karens."

People Who Traveled Abroad For Love Are Revealing What Actually Happened After, And Some Of These Are Heartbreaking

"I was visiting Singapore for a short trip and was swiping on Tinder at the airport while waiting for my flight. I caught his profile, thinking he was cute, and swiped right, but was called for boarding immediately. When I landed, I got notification that it was a match, and he messaged me right away. We messaged each other, but nothing serious happened until he told me that he was visiting Indonesia for a business trip, which was a lie; he just wanted to meet me. We finally met after four months of talking online. After meeting me, he said he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore — he wanted to marry me."