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Couples With Big Age Gaps Get A Lot Of Hate — Here's 14 People Who Have Been In One Weighing In On Whether They Deserve It

"I was with a wonderful man who hadn't dated younger before. He's 31, and I'm 20. It worked perfectly — we were on the same page about a lot of things. The only thing was, he wanted kids within the next five years and I didn't want kids for at least another 10 years. So, we had to unfortunately stop dating — I guess issues like that are most common [in big age gap relationships]."

People Are Confessing Horrific Things Strangers Have Done To Them, And I For One Am Appalled

"I'm a hotel housekeeper. We had a baseball team checking out, and I had a bunch of their rooms on my list. The rooms were reasonably messy — nothing too bad. But the last room…they trashed the place. What made it worse was how they tipped me. They dragged a chair into the middle of the room, faced it toward the door, and left a stack of fake 100 dollar bills on the seat."

14 Times Female Celebrities Admitted Just How Difficult It Is To Be A Parent — Like, It's All Very Eye-Opening

"I'll tell you how I balance family and career: I have a nanny. That's the answer. Yes, it's very unlikable and unpopular to broadcast that because not everybody can afford a nanny — it's super expensive. My nanny is 62 years old — I would never hire anything younger than 62 years old. If you're hiring a 25-year-old pretty young thing to be your nanny, you're a dumbass." —Ali Wong.

17 Small But Devastating Things That Reveal Couples Won't Make It In The Long Run, According To Therapists And Professional Counselors

"When one person is entirely dependent on the other, especially at a relatively young age (financially and emotionally). It's very unhealthy, and a huge red flag. It always ends in a painful and messy breakup. Generally, we try to get them to find a friend, join a community, get a job, or volunteer — something to provide them with self-worth and personal fulfillment outside of their spouse."

16 Wholesome Teachers Who Were Mistreated By Their Students' Parents, I'm Deeply Sorry To Report

"I had 'pray-away-the-gay' parents who thought that my school was 'teaching their child to be gay' because some of our teachers were gay. They also thought I was deeply religious (because they wanted to believe it), and therefore 'on their side.' Wrong on both counts. They jumped to the conclusion after I said that I thought it was important parents instill a strong moral code in their children. I said that their irrational beliefs do not make a strong moral code."