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How CIA Director John Brennan Became America's Spy And Obama's Conscience

How did the candidate of hope and change turn into the president of secret kill lists, drone strikes hitting civilians, and immunity for torturers? The answer may lie in his relationship with the CIA director, a career bureaucrat turned quiet architect of a morally murky national security policy who isn't going to let a little thing like getting caught spying on the Senate bring him down.

Al-Qaeda Commander Freed In Yemen Prison Break

Another 300 prisoners were also released when masked gunmen stormed the facility. The incident underscores the degree to which the country's security forces have collapsed amid months of political chaos and the recent barrage of a Saudi-led bombing campaign.

The End Of Yemen?

Yemen's constant state of political crisis reached a new zenith on Thursday with the president's resignation. But the worst may be yet to come.

How I Escaped A Kidnapping Attempt In Yemen

For a decade, Yemen was like a home away from home for me — until the day I was nearly abducted in broad daylight, and narrowly missed suffering a grim fate similar to other journalists drawn to covering, and living in, the Middle East.