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Police Brutality At UC Berkeley

Students organizing an Occupy Cal demonstration yesterday were met by police in full riot gear, eager to use their billy clubs. The police only retreated after the crowd began shouting "STOP BEATING STUDENTS."

Rape Flowchart

Obviously some people are still grappling with knowing what to do if someone is getting raped on their watch. This flowchart ought to clear things up.

Le Internet Medley

From Leekspin to Trololol to Nyan Cat, The GAG Quartet mash up over 40 musical Internet Memes into one amazing medley. This is how a nerdy meme overload is done the right way.

Further Adventures In Mistaken Identity

Chris Mennig's Championship Volleyball layout is safe, but if they think I'm going to help out with this basketball tournament they had better treat Mr. Patches to a good time. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't even own a cat.

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

There's a high school volleyball coach with a name one letter off from mine and sometimes I get emails intended for her. Today, coach Mennig's team almost got a new mascot!

Stocking-Shaped Blood Bags

Just in time for the holiday season, designer Kiseung Lee has created these stocking-shaped blood bags to encourage blood donation as a form of gift-giving. *sniffle* Shut up and take my blood!

Herman Cain's New Campaign Poster

In light of the sexual harassment turned sexual ASSAULT charges against Herman Cain, Ned Hepburn has designed a new campaign poster in the style of Shepard Fairey. Sometimes the easy joke is the right one.

Squirrels In Silly Poses

Hold up. Is that a squirrel playing a piano?! Photographer Kathy Pruyn sets up tiny props and waits for just the right moment to snap the shot.

The Tea Party Ted Meme

Tea Party Ted says all of you jobless good-for-nothings ought to give up your protest and let the government do its job. And also, down with big government!