Mexicans Are Begging Their President To Cancel His Trip To The US

After Trump's signature of an executive order setting building a wall between the US and Mexico as a priority, people are wondering what the point of an upcoming trip would be.

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday night to announce that his promised wall between Mexico and the US would go forward.

Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!

Then, hours before the arrival of Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray to the White House, Trump signed an executive order making the building of the wall in the near future officially a priority.

Edgard Garrido / Reuters

Videgarayand Secretary of the Economy Ildefonso Guajardo are both in Washington to negotiate with Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, and other White House officials.

Afterwards, many people in Mexico were left wondering just what the point of Mexican officials meeting with the Trump White House would even be at this point.


"Does going to Washington D.C. make sense now?"

Peña Nieto himself is scheduled to travel to the US next Tuesday, but now a source familiar with the situation says that he's "considering" canceling.


That'd be just fine with people on Twitter like author Denise Dresser, who compared Trump and Peña Nieto's relationship to a woman and her abuser.

Soon the hashtag #SuspendaGira — or "Suspend the Trip" — began to spread across Twitter.


Many of those using the hashtag begged Peña Nieto to stay home if, for no other reason, to preserve the dignity of his country.


It turns out national dignity is, like, really important to people. Who knew?


For some, taking a trip to the US after Trump's announcement defies logic.


While some waited to see if Peña Nieto would pull the trigger and outright cancel...


...others decided that instead of backing out, now is the the perfect time for Mexico to stand up to Trump.


"Should we follow the advice from the creator of House of Cards?" asked one user after Beau Willimon, the Netflix series's showrunner, called on Mexicans to push hard for the meeting to be canceled.


And a lot of people remembered Trump's visit to Mexico last year and came away less than convinced that Peña Nieto would stand up for them.


Still others took the moment to remind the president that Mexico is full of corruption they'd like him to pay attention to.

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This post was translated from Spanish.