People Posted Horrifying Videos As Hong Kong Was Struck By The Strongest Storm Of 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut has left a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

The strongest storm anywhere in the world so far this year has claimed the lives of dozens of people and left a trail of devastation behind it.

In the Philippines, at least 60 people died after Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall on Saturday, and many more are feared to have been killed after a mudslide struck a miners’ bunkhouse where people were sheltering from the storm.

On Sunday the storm reached Hong Kong, becoming the strongest typhoon there in decades, and has since moved north into southern China where at least four people are known to have died.

More than 2.5 million people have been evacuated in Guangdong province, China's most populous. Videos posted from the city of Shenzen in Guangdong showed water flooding into a hotel cafeteria.

Well, our hotel is now flooding. #shenzhen #TyphoonMangkhut #SuperTyphoonMangkhut #dameisha

In Hong Kong, hundreds of people were injured and buildings were severely damaged by the storm, which had sustained wind speeds of up to 107 miles per hour.

Our cousin's kids room window blew in at 10am. Tseung Kwan O, 50th floor apartment. Kids weren't in the room at the time it happened thankfully, especially considering one of the kid's bed is right under the window. #Mangkhut is no joke. #HongKong

Mangkhut sent scaffolding toppling from skyscrapers and cranes spinning, as videos and pictures posted online showed buildings swaying in the wind, and shattered windows.

I've been in many typhoons, but this one in Hong Kong is pretty bad. This footage is circulating in Hong Kong right now. #Manghkut #HongKong #Typhoon

Panes of glass fall from high-rise buildings in Guangzhou city, as Typhoon Mangkhut moves toward mainland China. The city has issued its highest typhoon emergency alert, according to state-run media. More than 100,000 people have been evacuated.

High rise building swinging in #TyphoonManghkut #HK

Hong Kong’s official weather forecast agency documented record levels of storm surge at 11 feet, while the highest possible typhoon warning — advising people to stay indoors and away from windows and doors — remained in place for 10 hours.

Another one captured by our @CNBCi team in Hong Kong. #TyphoonMangkhut

When the warning says stay inside, stay inside. #TyphoonManghkut #HK

#TyphoonMangkhut at hongkong now, a floating table oustside the windown...

I think I'll stay in today. #Hongkong #TyphoonMangkhut

Scaffolding collapse at a building site in Kowloon

Transport services had been suspended in Hong Kong on Sunday and people were told to stay inside, and on Monday people struggled to get to work in the aftermath of the storm.

With many bus lines out of service in the aftermath of #TyphoonMangkhut, the Tai Wai MTR station is a mosh pit of people this morning.

We might have survived the monster typhoon #mangkhut yesterday but the gov’s decision of not declaring a holiday today appears to be more disastrous.. pix taken by Sam Tsang of @SCMPNews in Tai Wai Station. poor Hongkongers...

The storm is now weakening as it heads inland into China.

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