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9 Science Stories You Can't Miss: The Toenails In The Freezer Edition

Great science stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

Posted on November 14, 2015, at 10:01 a.m. ET

1. U.S. Autism Rates Are Way Up, Mostly Because Of A Change In The Survey

Paul J. Richards / AFP / Getty Images / Via

2. Say Hello To The Apple That Never Browns

Photo Illustration by Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed News / Via

3. Tons Of Elite Athletes Are Doping — Here’s Why Science Won’t Catch Them All

Simone Raineri / Via Flickr: simoneraineri

4. 200-Year-Old Homeopathy “Cures” May Face Modern Medical Testing

Philippa Willitts / Via Flickr: hippie

5. Toenails Stashed In Harvard Basement Could Hold Clues About Cancer

Jim Unwin / Via Flickr: preshaa

6. This Cancer Scientist Faked Tons Of Studies, Say Feds

Xrender / Getty Images / Via

7. People Have Been Claiming To Own The Moon For Over 250 Years

Project Apollo Archive / NASA / Via Flickr: projectapolloarchive

8. Here’s How Geoff Marcy’s Sexual Harassment Went On For Decades

Laurie Hatch / Via

9. Science And Sexism: In The Eye Of The Twitterstorm

Zakokor / Getty Images / Via

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