7 Times We Couldn't Believe Anyone Gave WeWork's Adam Neumann Billions Of Dollars

A head-scratching look back at Adam Neumann, who made WeWork's mission "to elevate the world’s consciousness," as he steps down as CEO.

On Tuesday, WeWork announced that cofounder Adam Neumann would step down as CEO, and continue on as non-executive chairman of the board.

1. That time Neumann brought marijuana on an airplane.

2. That time he had WeWork pay him $5.9 million in stock for the "We" trademark.

3. That time he banned meat from WeWork offices (but continued to eat meat himself).

4. All those times he made tequila a centerpiece of WeWork culture.

5. That time he said he wants to live forever.

6. That time he invested $13.8 million in a wave pool maker, only to write down the value of that investment to zero the following year.

7. That time he repeatedly called Bloomberg reporter Ellen Huet "Amy."

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