Uber Is Telling Customers The Immigration Ban Is "Against Everything We Stand For"

The company has doubled down on criticism of the ban in messages sent to users deleting the app. “Clarity is always better,” a spokesperson said.

Uber, whose founder is an adviser to President Trump, is telling customers that the immigration ban is "unjust, wrong, and against everything we stand for as a company," in an escalation of its public criticism of the policy.

The language is being used in a message sent to users who delete their accounts with the company. #DeleteUber was trending on Twitter on Saturday, as protesters highlighted CEO Travis Kalanick's membership of a White House advisory group.

Protesters also criticized Uber for suspending surge pricing during a taxi strike at JFK Airport Saturday, where the largely immigrant taxi driver community was protesting President Trump’s executive order. On social media, many perceived that move as undermining the taxi workers’ protest.

In response to account deletion requests on Sunday, Uber told users, "We share your concern that this ban will impact many thousands of innocent people" and said it would compensate drivers affected by the order.

Since Monday night, messages confirming account deletion have contained a more blunt message: "Uber shares your views on the immigration ban: it's unjust, wrong and against everything we stand for as a company."

Both messages link to an Uber statement from Saturday, in which the company first promised it would compensate drivers affected by the immigration ban.

“We want to be as clear as possible. The initial response was less clear than the second one,” an Uber spokesman told BuzzFeed News. “Clarity is always better.”

This is the new message.

Uber changed its cancellation email from a couple days ago to something more direct

Here's a message received this weekend:

Too little too late @Uber. Your CEO supports this administration - that alone is enough to give @Lyft my business.… https://t.co/MkSpE9rcf1

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