Here's What's On Sale At Whole Foods Now That Amazon Has Taken Over

Staple grocery items such as ground beef, eggs, avocados, and almond butter were deeply discounted on Monday.

Today is the start of a whole new chapter at Whole Foods, now officially owned by Amazon. The high-end grocer has a plan to shed its "Whole Paycheck" reputation, and that begins with sales on "best-selling grocery staples" that'll almost make people think they're shopping at a normal supermarket. More benefits will come down the line for shoppers who are also Amazon Prime members.

Orange signs around a Whole Foods store in Manhattan promoted the new "Whole Foods + Amazon" alliance. Tomatoes on the vine were about $1.99 per pound on Monday (43% off).

A Haas avocado was $1.49, an entire $1 cheaper than normal (40% off).

Bananas were 49 cents per pound (38% off).

Fuji apples were $1.99 per pound, a whole $1.50 (43%) less than normal.

Almond butter was $6.99 (13% off).

At $3.19, a dozen extra large brown eggs was 60 cents (16%) less than normal.

New York strip steak was $13.99 per pound, a $5 (26%) discount, and ground beef cost as little as $4.99 per pound (29% off).

Salmon fillets were $5 (33%) less per pound than previously.

A rotisserie chicken was $7.99, which isn't Costco-level cheap, but still $1 (11%) less than usual.

The grocer even had a display of Amazon devices on sale, including the Amazon Echo for $99.99 and the Echo Dot for $44.99.

Of course, if customers want any these Amazon-sponsored discounts delivered, they still have to use Instacart, which is still the grocer's exclusive delivery partner.

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