23 Of Our Favorite Business Stories Of 2017

Amazon swallowed retail, massive hacks turned privacy into a joke, food was bad, RiRi was good, and everyone sued Betsy DeVos. Oh, what a year!

1. Pearl Parties Are Taking Over Facebook Live, But Buyer Beware

2. Meet The "Young Saints" Of Bethel Who Go To College To Perform Miracles

3. People Are Saying Starbucks' New Holiday Cup Is Totally Gay

4. Airlines Treat You Badly Because They Can

5. How One Generation Changed The Way We Think About Furniture

6. RiRi's New Makeup Line Brings New Shades To Sephora

7. How America's Student Loan Giant Dropped The Ball

8. How Fashion Nova Built An Entire Fashion Company Completely On Instagram

9. There's A Fight Brewing Between The NYPD And Silicon Valley's Palantir

10. 12 Things Millennials Aren't Buying

Why aren't millennials buying diamonds? https://t.co/yMmkzFUFBb

11. People Are Losing A Bunch Of Money From These Scams On Amazon

12. There's A Wild Fight Being Waged Over Organic Chickens

13. The SEC Just Fined A Unicorn Startup For The First Time

14. For A Glimpse At The Billionaire Class, Check Out Betsy DeVos's Finances

15. Their Home Was In Foreclosure. Then It Was Sold On Reality TV.

16. Asians With “Very Familiar Profiles”: How Princeton’s Admissions Officers Talk About Race

17. Betsy DeVos Is Being Sued By 17 States Over For-Profit College Rules

18. Airbnb's Mega Hosts Are Turning It Into Just Another Travel Booking Site

19. Chipotle Can't Seem To Get Its Customers Back

20. Your Fidget Spinner Is Reshaping The Retail Industry

21. "Not Safe For Celiacs" — Gluten-Free Cheerios Are Still Drawing Complaints

22. Hard Lessons: Putting Troubled Kids In Strict Environments Is Big Business For Camelot Education

23. A Farewell To The Father Of The Latte

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