McDonald's Has Cold Brew Now, And What Is Coffee Anymore?

Oreo topping.

The cold brew craze has found its way to the very pinnacle of casual American dining: McDonald's. The burger restaurant on Wednesday debuted its own cold brew beverage in two varieties: frozen coffee and frappe.

For those of you who think of cold brew as a super strong, high-brow iced coffee, think again. McDonald's only serves its cold brew sweetened with milk and sugar, and blended with ice. It's got a thick texture like a milkshake or a Frappuccino. A small one has about 300 calories and costs $2. No, you can't order it black.

The ingredients: ice and "cold brew coffee frappe base."

The McDonald's app allows you to customize the cold brew frappe with additional whipped cream, espresso, or various drizzles and Oreo topping, because heck, why not? Is this even coffee anymore?

So far, people are here for it.

tried mcdonald’s frozen cold brew for the first time and OMG IM IN LOVE

McDonald’s has frozen cold brew and it’s bangin

mcdonald’s new cold brew drinks are super heckin good

McDonald’s frozen cold brew is hands down their best McCafe item🔥🔥🔥

Some say it even rivals Starbucks.

No offense but the new frozen cold brew at McDonald’s is better than anything Starbucks has ever come up with

I can finally talk about it. If you’re a coffee drinker go to McDonald’s and ask for either the cold brew coffee or cold brew frappe. I dare you to tell me Starbucks has a better product. Don’t look for it on the menu, it’s not there yet. Just ask for it.

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