Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Prince Fielder Being All Naked And Stuff On The Cover Of ESPN's Body Issue

The Texas Rangers slugger got very nude for a cover of ESPN Magazine's 2014 Body Issue.

ESPN Magazine's Body Issue hit the stands this morning, and the version of the cover with Prince Fielder on it had Twitter all atwitter.

Prince Fielder on @ESPNMag #ESPNBody issue

There were plenty of people cracking on Fielder because of his weight, as Complex noted, but not everyone was joking. There were plenty of tweets flying in support of the athlete, praising his courage.

I love Prince Fielder for reppin for big dudes such as myself. That dude is talented and successful yet yall hatin from ur mothers basement.

Everyone's hating on Prince Fielder so hard. He's sexy, confident, and successful.. Yes please!

Prince Fielder is a brave man. #respect

Not for nothing, but Prince Fielder is in better shape than everyone who is talking shit about his ESPN cover.

And plenty lusting for that well-oiled form.

Prince Fielder is SO DAMN FINE I can't even. The ESPN Body Issue is AMAZING

Prince Fielder is sexy as hell. Confidence in yourself is sexy as hell. Haters gonna hate.

Listen. #DemThighs RT @brokeymcpoverty: skin all smooth. thighs all big. i'll sign off on that.

Prince Fielder BEEN damn fine. To those making fun of him:

It's rare that the issue of beauty standards and fat shaming revolves around men, and this provided a new way to experience the phenomenon.

Though the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak, there was still a strong message and support of body acceptance, no matter whose body is in question.

I'm glad they put Prince Fielder on the cover...body acceptance for us all! ☺️

S/o to Prince Fielder. If you were a woman that size on the cover, everyone would be throwing you compliments. Do your thing.

Go Prince Fielder! Just because you're not shredded, it doesn't make you any less beautiful or worthy of being naked.

Can we be more kind? No one has the "perfect" or "ideal" body. Kudos to you, prince fielder. Embrace who you are. Everyone is beautiful.

I have a serious problem with the people fat-shaming Prince Fielder. I'm sorry, do we need to talk about your fitness? Do you play baseball?

And it sparked a revolution in what is being called #HuskyTwitter, leading men to celebrate their own Fielder-esque forms.

That big boy on the espn cover is gonna make #HuskyTwitter flourish

Now that Prince Fielder did the ESPN body edition, us fat people can be comfortable in our own skin lmao.

all the women showing Prince Fielder love just lets me know it's our time baby! #BigMenStandUp!

I might not have a six pack...but I gotta 10 piece lemon pepper. #HuskyTwitter

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