13 Times Jazz Got Thrown Out On "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air"

Jazz sure did wear that shirt a lot.

Uncle Phil wasn't the only one who evicted Jazz on a near daily basis. It was a family effort.



Hillary: Get out.

Jazz: Your mouth is saying "get out," but your eyes are saying "get busy."

Hillary: Geoffrey!

Geoffrey: Yes, Miss Hillary?

Hillary: You know what to do.



Jazz: Man, I'm starving. When do we eat here?

Uncle Phil: We eat here later. You eat here never.

Jazz: Looks like you eat here often.



Jazz: I brought a gift for baby Dickie.

Aunt Viv: Nicky. ... It's a baby pillow! Isn't it beautiful?

Will: Jazz, this thing says "Wendy Beth" on it.

Jazz: So? When you buy a wallet, doesn't it have someone else's picture in it first?

Will: Jazz, you stole this pillow!

Jazz: It's the thought that counts!



Jazz: Mr. Banks, I'm willing to take Hillary off your hands.

Will: Jazz, would you prefer a Muslim or a viking burial?

Jazz: I mean, she ain't gettin' any younger. I'll put a roof over her head, and might be willing to look into a marriage license if she performs on the test drive.

Aunt Viv: Philip, get him.



Jazz: Yo! Mr. Banks, my tubby judicial brother.



Uncle Phil: What is that smell?

Will: Oh, I'm sorry Uncle Phil, I thought I was alone.

Uncle Phil: No, no I don't mean that. Smells like cheap cologne and fried chicken.

Jazz: I resent that!



Uncle Phil: Would someone turn it up for me, please?

Will: Jazz, crank that up for me.

Uncle Phil: Ah, yes. Ah, yes, listen. Listen, darling; listen to the violins -- beautiful. The oboes will be coming next.

Jazz: *begins scratching the record*



*Jazz shows up while Phil is interviewing babysitters*

Uncle Phil: Oh, please. What do you know about taking care of babies?

Jazz: Babies? I'm here to take care of Hillary!



Jazz: I've taken care of the entertainment for Will's party.

Uncle Phil: Jazz, I've already shelled out for a DJ.

Jazz: Perfect! Now we'll have music for my stripper!

Aunt Viv: Oh, no. You are not bringing a naked woman in my house.

Jazz: You don't understand, Mrs. Banks. She don't come in naked. ...Uh oh.



Jazz: I brought you a gift. They're false teeth! They were my grandmom's. She don't need 'em no more. ... I know that look. You're not getting any younger. This isn't good for your back! I brought this on myself.



Jazz: Will, could you do one thing for me? Just for old time's sake.

Will: Sure, no problem, man.

12. And in an odd twist, Jazz once got thrown inside.


Jazz: The joke's on you, Mr. Banks. You can't throw me out, I'm already outside.

13. And in an even odder twist, Jazz once threw Uncle Phil outside.