22 Perks Of Having Natural Hair

Big hair, don't care!

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1. Not having to run and hide from the rain.

2. Humid day? Watch your hair spring to life as it just drinks it all up.

3. The joy of being able to swim again.

4. The mood boost that comes with finally mastering that style you've been working on for weeks.

5. Not having to go to a salon to get a gorgeous 'do.

6. And all the money you save on doing it yourself.

7. That feeling when someone fawns over your hair, asks where you got it done, and you say "Oh, girl, I did this myself!"

8. The versatility.

9. No pockets? No problem!

10. If you somehow find yourself without a pillow at bedtime, your fluffy hair makes a great substitute.

11. The elation you feel when you're finally able to put your hair in a ponytail again after a big chop.

12. All the time spent with your hands in your hair is giving you an impressive set of biceps.

13. All the friends you make by striking up random conversations with other naturals.

14. Your hair is excellent insulation in the winter.

15. New growth is now a blessing, not a curse.

16. You can go as hard as you want at the gym without worrying about sweating out your hair.

17. And without having to worry about sweat, you can tear the club up to your heart's content.

18. Not having to spend a ton of time on your hair if you don't want to.

19. Even when you think your hair looks a mess, you still get 10,000 compliments on it.

20. Since going natural, you seem to get tons more free drinks at the bar.

21. When you straighten your hair and people tell you they like it better natural.

22. And best of all: being confident enough in yourself to not care what anyone else thinks of you or your hair.

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