27 Pictures That Prove That Barack Obama Is Our Hottest President Ever

Sure, JFK was cute, but he wasn't Obama.

1. It isn't said often enough: President Obama is a very handsome man.

2. When he smiles...


4. Good heavens, that smile.

5. He's just as handsome when he brings it down to a grin.

6. And when he bites that lip.

7. He smolders when he is looking stately and serious.


9. And in quiet, pensive moments.


11. He's gorgeous even when he's goofing around.

12. And especially when he's showing off his athletic skills.

13. And have you seen what this man does to a well-tailored suit?

14. Even his sad-looking faces are adorable.

15. He's alluring when he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business.


17. The president is attractive from far away...

18. ...And especially so up close.

19. Why hello, perfectly squared jawline.

20. That profile. That amazing, velvety-looking skin that probably feels like a coalition of baby's butt cheeks.

21. He's especially hot when he hangs out in the rain...

22. ...And he gets all dewy and his skin glows a golden brown.


24. And most of all, that physique.

25. Oh...

26. ...My.


P.S. - As if all that wasn't enough, HE CAN SING.

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