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13 Mugshots Of The Hottest Guys Ever Arrested

The Tumblr Hot and Busted brings you the cutest criminals ever. You have the right to remain sexy.

Posted on November 7, 2013, at 4:24 p.m. ET

1. / Via

Charge: grand heart theft in three different states

2. / Via

Charge: amazing skin in the 1st degree

3. / Via

Charge: public indecency on the grounds of being too sexy for his shirt

4. / Via

Charge: inciting a riot with those big brown eyes

5. / Via

Charge: transport of sexy across state lines with intent to distribute

6. / Via

Charge: assault with a perfectly squared jawline

7. / Via

Charge: DWH (driving while hot)

8. / Via

Charge: 3rd degree adorableness

9. / Via

Charge: Blinding pedestrians with that mega-watt smile

10. / Via

Charge: felony heartbreaking

11. / Via

Charge: perjury via that perfect pouty mouth

12. / Via

Charge: criminal possession of really awesome cheekbones

13. / Via

Charge: two counts of being cuter than your boyfriend