The 18 Best Little Known Black History Facts

The Tumblr is back for its fourth year of teaching the people what The Man doesn't want them to know. Illustrations by Xavier Payne.

1. Louise Perkins

2. Troy Booker

3. Virgil T. Banks

4. Jamaica Masby

5. Deon Travis

6. Delores "Big Mama" Cole

7. Orville Washington

8. Clayton Dean Smith

9. Quintessa Higgins

10. Pauletta "Pooh" Spencer

11. Courtney "Flow" Ellis

12. Dwayne Freeman

13. Janet Miles-Quarry

14. Charmaine Daniels-Brown

15. Peter "Sweet Pete" Worsh

16. Oris "O-Nassty" Flowers

17. Natoria "DontHateMeCauseYouAintMeBabyJustCongratulateMe" Offut

18. Edna B. Cash

Illustrations by the intensely talented Xavier Payne