21 Horses That Should Be In This Year's Kentucky Derby

Move over, Seabiscuit.

The Kentucky Derby starts on Saturday, and Twitter had some ideas on how to diversify this year's horse roster, if you catch my drift.

1. Pony Poni Poné

2. Aww Sookie Sookie Nah

3. Stop Slamming My Goddamn Screen Door

4. For The 99 And The 2000

5. What Had Happened Was

6. I Woke Up Like This (left), ***Preakness (right)

7. She Think She Cute

8. Bye Felicia

9. Who You Finna Try

10. It Is What It Is

11. I Wish You Would

12. Smarten Up Nas

13. This Could Be Us But You Playin

14. Bout It Bout It

15. McDonald's Money

16. Who Made The Potato Salad

17. That's My Bae

18. Long Hair Don't Care

19. Play Cousin

20. Neigh Neigh

21. Back That Thang Up (left)

Comedian Cerrome Russell called a "live" race featuring some of these horse names and others. (Warning: explicit language.)

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