President Trump Is On A Twitter Screed About "Fake News" And CNN

Trump and his administration's top officials regularly lie and make false statements.

Good morning. Hours after his administration said it is considering military force against Syrian leaders for possibly planning a chemical weapons attack, and after an independent body said his health care plan would leave millions uninsured, President Trump is tweeting...about "fake news" and CNN.

Here's how we got here.

Early Saturday morning, BuzzFeed News broke a story about CNN deleting and retracting a report claiming that Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump transition team official, was allegedly under investigation by the Senate committee looking into Russian interference in the election.

On Monday, three people at CNN associated with the report — its reporter Thomas Frank, its editor Eric Lichtblau, and investigations editor Lex Haris — resigned amid an internal investigation.

Trump and his supporters have been calling CNN "fake news" since the campaign. Trump — who, along with his top administration officials, lies and makes false statements with regularity — uses this term to describe media outlets that publish stories he doesn't like.

This is from April

Which brings us to today, when the president went on this Twitter screed (and retweet tirade, featuring his favorite news outlet, Fox News).

Wow, CNN had to retract big story on "Russia," with 3 employees forced to resign. What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS!

Trump dug up this RT — from a self-described "clickbaiter" — from deep within replies to this tweet.

Then Trump entered a suite of Fox and Friends RTs — think of it as his own Blue Period.

Mark Levin: The collusion is among the Democrats

Hannity: Russia allegations 'boomeranging back' on Democrats

(Here, a twofer — Trump RTs his favorite show and his most staunch defender on Fox News all in one.)

Another Dem 'queasy' over claim of Loretta Lynch meddling in Clinton case

President Trump officially nominates former Assistant Attorney General Christopher Wray to head the FBI

Trump then moves on to boosting other arms of the Fox News empire.

Good morning friends! "The Swamp" out today. President Trump has a copy... get yours here #maga!!

Before returning to his bread-and-butter issue.

Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!

So they caught Fake News CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS & ABC? What about the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost? They are all Fake News!


it should not be more damaging to acknowledge and correct a mistake it than it is to refuse you ever made one in the first place

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